Aeroplane Heaven Previews Avro Lancaster for MSFS

Shortly after publishing a teaser on Facebook hinting at its eventual arrival, Aeroplane Heaven published some screenshots of their upcoming Avro Lancaster for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a British WW2 heavy bomber introduced in February 1942.

Powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines with 1280 horse power each, an impressive wingspan of 31.09 meters and able to cruise at 282 miles per hour with a load of 63,000 lb and a range of 2530 miles, it played a significant role during the aerial offensive over Europe.

Announced in January with preview images of the Self-Defense turret, they have not previewed anything else since. The current preview doesn’t say much, aside from the fact it’s still being developed and shaping up.

Stay tuned to Threshold for more information on the Avro Lancaster and all things flight simulation!

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