Aeroplane Heaven Previews Avro Lancaster's Self-Defense Turret

January 13, 2022

Earlier this week, aircraft developer Aeroplane Heaven published a series of previews that depicts their upcoming product - Avro Lancaster B Mk1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The picture showcases the detailed/realistic modeling and texturing of the bomber’s self defence araments.

From the previews, we can see a completed model of the Lancaster’s front turret, including the housing, the twin Browning machine guns, ammo boxes, and the accurately recreated Browning shell-loading system. Additionally, the pictures demonstrate the detailed textures of the turrets that show signs of wear and tear. 

The Avro Lancaster, developed by the British during World War II, is a four-engine heavy bomber that was primarily used for night raids against Germany. It is capable of carrying bombs ranging from 1800kg to 4,200 kg (with special modifications) and four hydraulic powered turrets that are used to fend off enemy fighters. Around 7377 Lancasters were built during the war, greatly contributing to the destruction of the German war effort.

Currently, Aeroplane Heaven has not revealed the Lancaster’s release date or its pricing. Threshold will keep you updated on this front. For other news surrounding Aeroplane Heaven, the team has recently released their rendition of the Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator in September of last year.

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