Aeroplane Heaven Publishes Renders of Spitfire Mk1a for MSFS

September 12, 2020

Aeroplane Heaven has placed several renders of an Mk1a in early stages of development on Facebook, which is destined for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The renders show the work already undertaken on the canopy, the engine and its exhausts, and the propeller hub.

“Guess what we're building for Microsoft Flight Simulator…” wrote the developer to Facebook.

“A totally new, high definition Mk1A. We are at work on a number of subjects for the new simulator and will publish details soon.”

The aircraft itself is a variant of the British Supermarine Spitfire, in which over twenty-thousand were produced with the majority used extensively by the Royal Air Force and other Allied countries during World War II.

Aeroplane Heaven’s intent to develop for Microsoft Flight Simulator came in July, though the non-disclosure agreement did not allow the developer to share any further details at the time.

With Flight Simulator now having been available for almost a month already, Aeroplane Heaven joins other developers in producing content for the new platform.

They can be followed on Facebook.

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