Aivlasoft EFB Coming to X-Plane Soon

Sam Clark
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The desktop Electronic Flight Bag by Aivlasoft is coming to X-Plane very soon. Development on the upcoming X-Plane version of the EFB appeared to have begun after the release of version 2 for FSX and Prepar3D in July of last year.

The EFB is Aivlasoft's flagship product and combines with either Navigraph Charts or Aerosoft NavDataPro to give users the full flight navigation experience. Also featured are detailed interactive ground charts and live weather displays (when fed data by Active Sky, FSGRW etc).

In a post on the Aivlasoft forums titled "Beta tests for X-Plane 11.30", the developers say;

"After some months of developing and internal testing we have started beta testing today."

No further information is available as of right now, however, the transition from internal testing to the beta phase likely indicates a release not to far in the future.

See more about the Aivlasoft EFB on the official website here.

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