Pyreegue Dev. Co. Releases ALES v1.3

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Airport Layout Enhancement Solution was Pyreegue Dev. Co's second scenery release for X-Plane, following that of Tivat Airport (LYTV) in March 2019.

ALES, though, instead of focusing on a single airport, replaces X-Plane's default runway, taxiway and apron textures the world over. Today's update marks the third post-release update and adds a slew of new and reworked textures, plus a handy configurator tool for switching between them all.

ALES' head developer Pyreegue was kind enough to release previews of the configurator tool ahead of 1.3's release in the Threshold Discord server earlier today:

The full changelog for version 1.3 is:

  • 8 asphalt textures fully reworked
  • Concrete textures minor adjustments
  • Minor adjustments to decals
  • 2 new runways (Soiled Asphalt, Soiled Concrete)
  • Custom installer added

You can purchase Pyreegue Dev. Co's Airport Layout Enhancement Solution for $15.90 USD from the Threshold Store or for $15.99 from the Store.

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