MadFlight Studio Previews Upcoming AN-148

Alexandre Faroux
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Russian developer, MadFlight Studio has provided the X-Plane community with some new previews of their latest project, the Antonov An-148, a ukrainian regional jet. 

The An-148 was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau and first took flight in July 2004. The aircraft has now been produced 48 times and is operated all over the world, mainly in Russia, Cuba and North Korea. The airplane type has been recently involved in a tragic incident, Saratov Airlines flight 703; its first fatal crash. 

The developer indicated:

"Antonov An-148 was added in "to do list" like future project (after An-26), but you can see a few screenshots right now."

For more information visit our article on MadFlight’s latest project.

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