Mad Flight Studio Begins Development of Antonov An-148

Alex John
Saturday, February 15, 2020

Aircraft developer Mad Flight has indicated development of an Antonov An-148 for X-Plane 11 is underway.

The developer's past work includes a Spectr SP-30, along with an An-26 currently in development.

In their main Discord server, Markus uploaded three images of the autopilot and display control panel.

He wrote: "Antonov An-148 was added in "to do list" like future project (after An-26), but you can see a few screenshots right now."

The An-148 is a relatively new aircraft by Antonov, with its introduction into service taking place almost eleven years ago.

Its design - like many other Antonov aircraft - is that of an anhedral, high wing aircraft, with a cabin configuration of 2-3.

47 units were produced before production ceased in October 2018, due to technical issues, a crash earlier in that year, and political tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Progress of Mad Flight's the An-26 has been quiet as of late, with the latest development progress last published in October. They showed renders of the centre pedestal.

However, details of a major upcoming update to their SP-30 was revealed two weeks ago; further information is available to view below.

Mad Flight Studio Details SP-30 V2
Mad Flight Studio Details SP-30 V2

Our review of the SP-30 can be read through this link.

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