AOA Simulations Offers Insights into F-35B Lightning II V2

July 12, 2020

Working on a major redesign of their Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II, AOA Simulations has presented followers with details of V2 of the aircraft.

Posting to Facebook, the developer told of how more work on the aircraft is leading to more ideas being explored, though the new iteration of the aircraft is not a simple revamp of the textures and 3D model.

“The more we work on the F-35B redesign, the more new ideas arise,” wrote AOA Simulations to Facebook. “Version 2.0 is not a simple remastering of the existing 3D model and textures. New features, not present in the original model, have been added.”

With this taken on-board, the developer wrote a list of what can be expected in this revision and is described as “non-exhaustive”.

There will be up to nine remastered liveries in 4K size based on real-world aircraft with enhanced Physically Based Rendering (PBR) effects. These are based on a prototype UK Royal Navy, US Air Force, and others.

A new particle system is to be introduced, along with a new 3D cockpit with customizable touchscreen PCD, said to have up to twenty page combinations).

Furthermore, air intakes covers with customizable a logos, a towed radar decoy, and a new interactive checklist have been added; the latter has been inspired by their more recent T-7A Red Hawk.

The helmet mounted display system has been enhanced to use bigger fonts and new symbology, as has the target and carrier-lock system.

JSM, Paveways, and SBD II are new animated air-to-ground weapons, whilst on the undercarriage, more details have been added.

Finally, customised views through X-Plane’s use of the numeric keypads are to be included as well as a new user guide.

Further previews of the F-35B V2 were posted in June. To see more screenshots and the full list of liveries included, see the original post on Facebook.

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