AOA Simulations Vans RV-8 Updated to V1.1, F-35A 1.1 Soon

Luke Phillips
Sam Clark
Saturday, June 1, 2019

Military developer AOA Simulations recently branched out into civilian aircraft development with the release of their RV-8, which has just been updated to version 1.1. In addition to this, they've also shared new information regarding their F-35A and an incoming update for that aircraft.

The Vans RV-8 is kit-set aircraft sold by Vans Aircraft in the US. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming IO-360, 4 cylinder piston engine that produces 200 HP. The unit price for an RV-8 can range from US $41,000–98,000.

Some features of the update are a completely redone canopy, more cockpit details and a damage model.

Here’s the full list:

3D model improvements

  • Added custom "AOA  RV-8" chrome fuel caps
  • Attached rudder control horns to rudder and animated
  • Added rudder control horns to 8A
  • Added turtle deck canopy slide
  • Added Tie down rings (when chocks and cones are showing: control +c)
  • Added new, completely round roll bar/ canopy windscreen arch
  • 10% larger cockpit panel switch VR click spots
  • Entire G1000 PFD / MFD is now VR click-able
  • Removed second elevator trim tab
  • Remove right side canopy open/close handle, improved latch on left handle
  • Removed upper right wing non-skid patch
  • Added fire extinguisher behind pilot seat

Flight-model updates

  •  Removed critical altitude from engine parameters (reconfigures MFD engine display)
  • Reduced roll rate
  • Reduced pitch rate
  • Added custom autopilot constants
  • Increased maximum weight to 1600 lbs
  • Increased fuselage drag index
  • Move center of gravity (CG) fwd .43 (from 1.50 aft to 1.07) and down .40
  • Increased min prop pitch to reduce RPM when the throttle pulled back
  • Increased prop pitch change rate for faster engine response
  • Simplified flap selection: was 10, 20, 30 deg now 20 deg (takeoff / approach) and 40 (landing). 5 second deployment time for each increment.
  • Increased first 20 degree flap speed to 96 knots = 110 mph Van's Aircraft specification
  • Decrease pitch bauble when flaps deploy

Cockpit / avionics displays

  • New "touch zones" for G1000 MFD moving map control (see RV-8_8A User Guide)
  • Added sectional maps in right side pocket (touch for pop-up default X-Plane map)
  • Added TAS display to G1000 PFD. Jumbo font digital numbers next to KIAS display.
  • Increased O2 quantity to 22 Cubic feet on PDF display. Display appears when system turned on or, when aircraft altitude is >= 10,000 ft MSL
  • Raised pilot's eye level up from 1.80 to 1.90 above relocated CG
  • Added ELT sound on hard landing (-1,000 fpm at touchdown) or if crash = 1

In a Facebook post not 5 minutes after the release of RV-8 version 1.1, the developers also informed their followers of an incoming update to their recently released F-35A aircraft. Here's what they had to say:

"F-35A 1.1 is coming soon. This version has improved yaw axis flight model, the new touch controls overlay over the G1000 MFD/moving map, a better cockpit and more sounds. Stay tuned for the release date."

On top of both of these projects, AOA Simulations are currently working on a new aircraft: the Boeing/Saab TX. You can find more info on it in a previous article.

The AOA Vans RV-8 is available to purchase from the store in 3 different ways.

Purchase the AOA Simulations RV-8  here.

Purchase the AOA Simulations RV-8A here.

Purchase the AOA Simulations RV-8 and RV-8A bundle here.

Thanks to user Doudoualexou for the tip over on the Threshold Discord server.

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