AOA Simulations Status Update on T-7A Redhawk

Keizo Ono
Sunday, October 27, 2019

AOA Simulations have provided an update on Facebook regarding the development of their T-7A Redhawk (formerly known as the Boeing/Saab T-X). Whilst the modeling and texturing looks completed, the avionics are still very much work in progress. 

Other improvements to the aircraft so far have included better librain integration, air intake covers, safety warnings, reduced display reflection, as well as the addition of a boarding ladder. Small bugs and glitches have also been resolved.

Regarding the status of the avionics, AOA says they could’ve reused a lot of the HUD logic from their F-35A, but that they would rather push the limits and experiment with new methods. 

“We have a lot of ideas that we would like to implement, or at least to try.”

To view the original Facebook post by AOA Simulations, click here. To view previous articles about AOA Simulations, click here.

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