AOA Simulations Boeing/Saab T-X Progress Report

Saturday, September 14, 2019

One of the most active developers in the scene, AOA Simulations, have posted this week's update on their Boeing/Saab T-X Trainer - along with yet another set of previews to accompany.

We first heard of the Saab T-X in April, after the release of the group's previous aircraft: the F-35B Lightning II. AOA Simulations has previously developed renditions of the F-35A, as well as the V-22 Osprey.

In today's status update, the developer reports that all interior buttons and knobs are now operational, with coding for the screens beginning earlier in the week. There is still lots to do, though, as outlined by the long to-do list included in the Facebook post.

  • Add more details to the canopy (handles, release lock)
  • Canopy textures
  • Landing gear textures and UV mapping
  • Ground objects
  • HUD modes coding
  • Additional liveries
  • Inner canopy glass effects
  • Basic FMOD sounds
  • VR config

There's no release date in sight just yet, but as always, Threshold will keep you posted. Check out a previous Saab T-X progress update here.

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