AOA Simulations Developing Tricycle Variant of RV-8

Alex John
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The RV-8 is an existing aircraft well into development by AOA Simulations. Our last coverage was two weeks ago, which showed many previews and product information.

Today however, sees the developer implementing the tricycle variant of the aircraft, the RV-8A. It was accompanied by a single render and posted on Facebook:

The developer asked its customers just yesterday if they would like to model it. All liveries for the tail dragger variant will work with the conventional setup - the developer has posted many screenshots of the liveries included on their Facebook page.

In another Facebook post, AOA Simulations summarised their progress on Sunday:

  • New "clear the prop" oral warning before being able to press the starter
  • VR config files and manipulators added
  • Balancing "Remove before flight" tags added (shift-c)
  • Reflectivity reduced on glossy composite PBR textures
  • Nose art added on WWII USAF livery
  • Inverted spiral propeller cone on WWII Luftwaffe livery
  • New Royal Canadian Air Force livery added
  • New P-40 Flying Tigers livery added

For many more previews of the liveries to be included, check AOA Simulations' Facebook page here.

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