AOA Simulations Releases T-7A Red Hawk

Peter Tram
Friday, March 6, 2020

Almost a year after its announcement, AOASimualtions has finally released their Red Hawk rendition for X-Plane. The add-on comes with two variants; the T-7A advanced trainer, and the F-7A light fighter. The development has stretched for a bit, the progress hampered possibly due to a publicised internal conflict at the end of last year.

Coming back strong, as promised a day earlier, the team released the plane in the early hours of today.

The real aircraft is an American and Swedish development, a product of a collaboration between Boeing's defense unit and Saab group - the Red Hawk is a design submission towards the T-X program originally envisioned back in 2003 by the USAF to replace the Northrop T-38 Talon, however the project was constantly delayed or shelved through government red tape until the 27th of September 2018, Boeing and Saab's design was selected as an answer for a new trainer jet.

Without much noise, the product page does not display a lot of product information besides brief snippet of Wikipedia's description of the real plane, following with a comprehensive list of features.

Preview Video:


Main features

  • T-7A advanced trainer and F-7A light fighter
  • Highly detailed, fully animated 3D model and weapons
  • PBR textures

Advanced Features

  • SASL 3.8 based plug-in system
  • “Roll to See” dynamic pilot POV camera option (non-VR mode) points pilot camera based on pitch, roll and G forces
  • "Target Track" points, locks and follows AI planes with pilot camera
  • Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System
  • Fly from forward or aft cockpits as student or instructor
  • "Virtual" ground and In-Flight Refueling capability
  • Track-IR and VR compatible
  • AviTab tablet integration (Download AviTab plugin separately)

Cockpit based on preliminary assessment of prototype T-X screen shots

  • Head Up Display
  • Up Front 32 points touch screen control and display panel
  • Large format glass panel with embedded G1000 color moving map
  • Multiple sub panel page options
  • Dedicated engine data display


  • Fully autopilot control thru Up Front Control panel
  • Dual ADF
  • GPS
  • Nav1 & 2 VOR / ILS
  • Low altitude, all weather Terrain Following


  • Air to air, with radar lock on AI targets
  • Dedicated threat situational awareness cockpit display
  • Terrain mapping radar

Weapon system

  • Master jettison switch
  • Weapon display panel
  • 4 x AIM-9X Infrared A2A missiles
  • 8 x Small Diameter Bomb II's
  • GPS aim point bombing mode
  • Gun Pod


  • FMOD Sounds, aural warnings
  • Particle systems effects
  • Animated ejection sequence
  • Ground support equipment
  • Removable test probe (T-X prototype)
  • Three liveries
  • Additional liveries available free on download manager
  • Paint kit
  • Download Quick Look PDF from our support page for a preview of the aircraft


The T-7A and F-7A is available on for $36/00 USD. Purchase it here.

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