Aeroplane Heaven Partner with Microsoft for DC-3 & Debut Standalone DHC-1 Chipmunk

June 13, 2022

A second developer has now gone public on a deal struck with Microsoft for Flight Simulator's 40th Anniversary Update, this being Aeroplane Heaven and the aircraft in development the legendary DC-3.

Similar to iniBuilds, the other developer signed on with Microsoft for the update, the developer has been under NDA on all news surrounding the project.

Speaking on Facebook, the developer maintains that "the package will be the self-same one as we would release ourselves with other advantages yet to come."

"The sounds have now been completed by the best in the business and a new flight model is also now complete, authored by another top FM coder."

"As part of the Anniversary celebrations we will be bringing you all the liveries we have shown you, in a special add-on package absolutely free. We will now be able to bring you updates both here and with Microsoft, as the package progresses to release in November."

Later in the day, the developer also showcased another aircraft which will shortly be added to their range: the DHC-1 Chipmunk. The deHavilland craft was teased in a single image posted on Facebook, proclaiming its 'very' soon arrival.

The so-called 'poor man's Spitfire' does not appear to be part of the 40th Anniversary Update and thus will be a payware product.

See both of these items on Aeroplane Heaven's Facebook page. Alternatively, check out the large number of aircraft coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the 40th Anniversary Update in a dedicated article here.

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