Maps2XPlane Previews Airfields in Upcoming Seychelles4XPlane

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Scenery developer Maps2XPlane - known for creating products covering large areas around the world - has unveiled another set of previews of Seychelles4XPlane.

First announced in September, the scenery has been previewed several times; the most recent post concerned the two largest airports on the islands.

The previews shown today, as promised by its developer, look at the thirteen other airfields dotted around Seychelles.

"The thirteen additional landing sites are spread over the smaller islands of the Seychelles archipelago and are usually very small and short, and embedded in dense tropical vegetation," said Maps2XPlane.

"Four of them are grass airstrips. So dear virtual pilots: Be prepared for challenging approaches, and expect to be rewarded by stunning and scenic locations – island hopping at its best."

The developer continued, "[In real life] most of the islands are served by the Island Development Company. IDC was incorporated in 1980, to create a structure to enable the economy of the outer islands to be developed. Only selected islands are dedicated for tourism, and can be reached either by scheduled Air Seychelles flights, or charters operated by Zil Air, a local provider of helicopter and fixed-wing flights.

"Expect untouched nature, stunning atolls and lagoons, dense tropical vegetation, and here and there a few signs of civilization. That means for our Seychelles rendition for X-Plane: photorealistic terrain mesh paired with custom 3D vegetation, custom generic autogen, and custom dynamic traffic on land and on the sea. Last but not least: Selected islands, hosting IRL hotels and resorts, received also some extras: We populate them with custom objects and buildings, based on real counter-parts."

Further screenshots are available to view at Maps2XPlane's website.

In addition, the developer is available to follow on Facebook.

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