Maps2XPlane Announces Seychelles4XPlane

Friday, September 20, 2019

Mesh experts Maps2XPlane have debuted their third in-house payware scenery today, once again in partnership with Spain UHD developer Albert Rafols. The pair have stuck to the theme of islands after their Faroes4XPlane scenery to recreate the Seychelles Islands in Laminar's sim.

Their next scenery project was first hinted back in July with a cryptic Facebook post, with the only hint being that the pair would once again return to an archipelago offering "a variety of options for your airliners, smaller aircrafts and helicopters".

The first teaser of the now revealed Seychelles4XPlane.

Just over two months later, today, the developer took to Facebook to share the news of the announcement.

There's only one preview of the new scenery at the time of writing, though more can be expected as the developers get settled into their new Indian Ocean setting, with blog posts already promised on the Maps2XPlane website.

Faroes4XPlane, Maps2XPlane's latest scenery.

You can learn more about Maps2XPlane's previous work by seeing our article on the release of Faroes4XPlane from December 2018.

* Cover image is of Maps2XPlane's Svalbard4XPlane scenery.

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