Aerosoft Details Developments for MSFS2020

August 6, 2020

Mega-developer and retailer Aerosoft has showcased new developments regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. In a post on their forum, admin Mathjis Kok provided an insight on Aerosoft’s place in the new platform. The main event was certainly previews of the CRJ series cockpit in the simulator, with functioning displays.

 As stated by Kok, the displays are actually working in sim, with this project having been worked on by Aerosoft for the past few months. Also mentioned in his post, the progress shown was accomplished with the help of Asobo Studio. In exchange for the assistance from Asobo, Aerosoft helped create the SDK to “benefit all developers”. Kok says that if the “complex code” behind these displays was possible, then any other developer should be able to achieve the same results.

Next up in the post was scenery development. Aerosoft’s rendition of Paderborn, Germany (the location of their HQ) was the first airport developed by them for the new sim. The scenery was sent over to Asobo and will be included as a default airport in the simulator.

Kok emphasized that Aerosoft was not going to rush development for MSFS2020, but that at the end of the day he hopes to have the CRJ and some airports ready soon. Responding to questions about free upgrades, he gave a very firm no, saying “almost every single file is new” and that pricing will be determined at a later point. 

On a final note, Kok made it clear that Aerosoft wasn’t abandoning X-Plane and Prepar3D, “We sell what customers buy. You decide, not us” he closed. 

The original forum post can be found here. Previous articles about Aerosoft can be viewed here. Stay tuned for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developments at our dedicated hub page.

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