Stairport Sceneries & Aerosoft Release Charlottetown (CYYG)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Marten Krull and the team at Stairport Sceneries have today released their latest scenery for X-Plane, coincidentally their first venture into Canadian territory under the brand.

Stairport's usual speedy announcement-to-release timeline was no different this time around, with Charlottetown being announced exactly one month ago, on August 26. For further information, see our article from the time.

Charlottetown is the primary city on Prince Edward Island, a small province off the coast of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It's 142,000 residents places Prince Edward Island tenth largest province by population, and perhaps by virtue of being a smaller region, when Stairport announced the scenery back in August, local news outlets were excited about their airport being recreated in a flight simulator.

The features of Aerosoft's latest release include:

  • Realistic recreation of the airport Charlottetown (CYYG)
  • All airport buildings included in a high level of detail
  • Highly detailed ground textures
  • Highly detailed textures of runway and taxiway lines
  • New apron parking positions and lines modified in summer 2018
  • Highly detailed 3D buildings including the new terminal building completed in 2018
  • Custom static aircrafts according to real world service
  • HDR lighting including detailed 3D taxiway and runway lighting
  • Animated vehicles in the apron area
  • Animated marshaller (SAM plugin required)
  • Custom mesh for unique elevation including sloped runway (Ortho4XP patch included)
  • PBR ground textures
  • HD vegetation and grass

You can purchase Charlottetown by Stairport Sceneries for €12.56 (excl. VAT) from the Aerosoft website here.

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