Stairport Sceneries Announces Charlottetown (CYYG)

Alex John
Monday, August 26, 2019

The next airport to be released by Stairport Sceneries is that of Charlottetown (CYYG), as shown by a post on their Facebook page.

Located on Prince Edward Island in Canada, the airport has flights to Toronto, Halifax, Moncton and other destinations, some seasonally.

The developer listed the following features included in the scenery:

  • HD buildings with reasonable detail, night textures and specular effects
  • HD PBR Ground Layout including both runway extensions
  • HDR Lighting at and around the airport
  • Orthophoto covering airport and near industrial area
  • Handplaced Autogen enhanced by dozens of custom buildings
  • HD Vegetation for the entire area
  • Custom wetting ground effects
  • Appropriate static aircrafts
  • Animated Marshaller (SAM Plugin required)
  • Animated car traffic around the airport
  • All Seasons supported (TerraMAXX required)
  • Manual Winter version included
  • Compatible with Ortho4XP

The scenery is currently in beta testing and is to be expected soon.

Stairport Sceneries also released their rendition of Paderborn XP not too long ago. Further details in this link.

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