AOA Simulations Publishes Development Update for their F-35B Lightning II

October 12, 2020

AOA Simulations, the developer behind the F-35B for X-Plane 11, shared an update on the project earlier today through Facebook.

The aircraft was released for the first time back in 2013 for X-Plane 9.70 and has been very popular due to its capabilities.

The developer said that initially they had planned to just upgrade the external textures, but decided to completely overhaul them and just keep the 3D model.

The feature list for the new version includes:

  • 3 different models (Close Air Support, Anti-ship and land attack with the new Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile, V/STOL)
  • Realistic PBR effects
  • A new 3D cockpit with panoramic cockpit display
  • Enhanced avionics, mission systems and flight model
  • New animated weapons set (AGM-158, GBU-12, GBU-53B, JSM, GAU-25 gunpod, AIM-120D, AIM-9X)
  • FMOD sounds
  • A new comprehensive 106-pages flight manual and tutorial
  • A Photoshop Paintkit
  • New plugable air intake covers

The developer also added that the new version would be free to all existing customers of the F-35B and would include nine real-world 4K liveries.

The aircraft can be bought from for US $32.00 here.

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