Aviotek Breaks Long Silence by Announcing Treviso Sant'Angelo City Airport (LIPH)

September 5, 2019

At the end of 2018, Aviotek Simulation Software outlined their plans for 2019, stating that a new project was under development and that there would be "more news on that in the first months of 2019."

Only today, however, has the developer finally spoken out about their absence and has announced a new project with it.

Through a post on their Facebook page, the developer highlighted the fact they assisted Orbx in converting their Innsbruck (LOWI) scenery to X-Plane 11. They said they had "learned so much in that period" and the skills they picked up from it "will be a standard for all [their] future projects."

Furthermore, Aviotek has been busy reshuffling the team and deciding how best to go about dealing with other scenery conversions from the ESP platform to X-Plane 11. Work with other companies on other "stuff" also resulted in Aviotek wasting time.

Aviotek then spoke positively about a new way of creating scenery, named the "2-months scenery creation" method. "Our goal is to maximise the final result and looks like we are able to do so," they said.

The screenshots of the airport below, said to be Treviso Sant'Angelo City Airport (LIPH), was created in about eleven days by Vittorio, with the custom orthophoto already done.

Aviotek said there was no ETA, but reassured there would be custom orthophotos, seasonal textures, custom animated objects and buildings, and "different random versions of the apron."

An update to Dubai was also mentioned, which was noted as receiving features used in LOWI.

Aviotek is available to follow on Facebook.

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