Aviotek Software Announces 2019 Plans

Sam Clark
Friday, December 21, 2018

Vittorio Greco, lead developer of Aviotek Simulation Software has released the brand's 2019 roadmap. In a post on the group's new website, Vittorio says that 2018 has been a great year for Aviotek and that the community have shown great support to the scenery developer. He cites this as a reason behind Aviotek's customer satisfaction rate is being one of the highest in the flight-sim market.

Addressing some back-end items, he speaks about simplifying the existing website for more effective communication. However, maintains that the Aviotek Facebook page is also a good choice should you need to get in touch.

Regarding future new sceneries from Aviotek, he says;

"We are experimenting a bunch of new things to implement in our next project. It’s a bit too early to say what or when, but a new project is under development. More news on that in the first months of 2019!"

The blog post concludes with a section about updates to their existing product range. The group's most recent release, Dubai, will be receiving SAM compatibility soon, as well as the option to choose between default landmarks (featured in X-Plane 11.30) or their own models.

To read the full post, check out the Aviotek Simulation Software blog here.

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