Asobo Releases Junkers JU-52 for MSFS

September 28, 2021


Today, Asobo released their J-52 Junkers add-on on the in-sim Marketplace. Asobo first announced that their rendition of the aircraft would be available on September 7th but the release was postponed until today to “polish a few remaining bugs present in the aircraft.”  The aircraft was further delayed today by a small period of time, even after Asobo announced the aircraft's release. The cause of today's delay is unknown.

Asobo developed the aircraft to the highest level of detail and accuracy; primarily supported by a high resolution digital scan of the real aircraft, which informs their visual development process. Most noteworthy is the blessing for the development team, who were supported by Hugo Junkers grandson, the collaboration was to ensure a high level of accuracy and realism to rendition. Hugo Junkers was the designer of the highly popular J-52 in the 1930s. Also assisting in the project is a historic aircraft organization that has one of these aircraft as well as providing a pilot current on the aircraft. The pilot was used in assisting the development team.

The Junkers JU-52 first flight was in October of 1930, the next year Junkers started production of this tri engine prop and ended in 1952. The aircraft was heavily used by the (Luftwaffe) Nazi Airforce, it was constructed into a medium bomber, cargo, and troop transport aircraft. As it had various uses throughout world war two, it was deployed on almost all fronts. The JU-52 also had a civilian market. Operators such as Swissair and Deutsche Luft Hansa used the aircraft for passengers and cargo operations. With only about five JU-52 left flying this is a great opportunity for you to take to the yoke.

This J-52 is the first release of a new series classified as “Local Legends.” You can pick the new aircraft today for $14.99 on the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim Marketplace.

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