Aerosoft Releases Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 16, 2021

Aerosoft has finally released its newest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic, a fruitful outcome following what is a period of uncertainty surrounding the feasibility of the product’s realisation after the publication of a major update for the simulator. The plugin greatly improves the sim’s realism by replacing the liveries of AI aircraft with ones that exist in the real world using traffic data.

According to the developers, Simple Traffic is created for only one goal: “to replace the default fictional liveries of the simulator with existing liveries”. The plugin includes liveries from some 175 different airlines (with more arriving in future updates) and will utilize live traffic/route data to select liveries that are local to the area. For example, users will “see a lot of Delta aircraft at Atlanta, KLM at Schiphol, and Air France around Paris”. 

Additionally, Aerosoft has indicated that Simple Traffic will continue to function in offline modes where it will rely on its stored traffic and route data to accurately select liveries. Finally, the developers claim that the plugin has no learning curve and does not impact the simulator’s performance. A full list of features can be found on Simple Traffic’s store page.

Currently, Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic can be purchased on Aerosoft’s webstore for EUR 12.50 or USD 14.22, excluding any potential sales tax. The developers recommend users have at least 2.3GB of free space in order to successfully install the plugin. For news on other products by Aerosoft, checkout a Threshold article on Aerosoft One.

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