Aerosoft/Stairport Sceneries Releases St. Tropez XP

Alex John
Thursday, November 7, 2019

Stairport Sceneries' rendition of St. Tropez XP (LFTZ) has been released through Aerosoft. The scenery is a faithful recreation that includes detailed 3D models, detailed PBR textures, volumetric grass, and more.

The scenery contains the following features:

  • Realistic replica of the airfield Saint-Tropez La Môle (LFTZ, LTT)
  • Detailed 3D models of airport buildings and other facilities
  • High-resolution ground textures
  • Very detailed PBR textures for ground and objects
  • Detailed clutter objects and 3D people
  • Individual static aircrafts and liveries matching the real airfield
  • Latest runway, taxiway and line layouts
  • Large photo scenery coverage of the airport and surroundings (approx. 26.000m²)
  • Volumetric grass included
  • High-resolution vegetation along the entire photo scenery
  • Visual traffic pattern helper (SAM plugin required)
  • Compatible with Ortho4XP
  • Seasonal texture and model variants (free update in 2020)

Available through the Aerosoft online shop, the airport costs €15.08 (incl. 20$ VAT). It has been recommended to use Ortho4XP, with Bing for the source at a zoom level of 17, and decals on terrain.

A roundup of Stairport Sceneries' presentation at Flight Sim Show 2019 is available to view here. Follow Stairport Sceneries on Facebook.

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