Debut: Active Sky for X-Plane expected Q4 2018

Sam Clark
Friday, June 8, 2018

Hifi Simulations have released the Development News Update for Summer 2018. For those unaware, Hifi Simulations develop weather engine Active Sky, as well as cloud textures for P3D and FSX. It had previously been confirmed that Hifi are looking into development opportunities in X-Plane.

Hifi's Summer Development update for 2018 confirms that Active Sky will make the jump to X-Plane and has given us a soft-release date: Q4 of this year.

Here is the full post about Active Sky for X-Plane:

"The main priority for us has been Active Sky for X-Plane, our first effort to provide an Active Sky experience on the X-Plane platform. ASXP’s initial design included several technologies and new concepts that we worked on for over a year before realizing that we needed to go back to the drawing board and re-work the design for an experience that provided high performance as well as great visuals while providing the kind of realism that our customers expect."
"This redesign set us back quite a bit from our original estimate of completion. Currently we are looking at Q3 2018 Beta and Q4 2018 Release. Of course, these are only estimates and subject to change."

This is big news for X-Plane, with another large ESP-platform developer shifting to the platform.

Damian also confirmed that the first screenshots of ASXP will be released in the next month or two - Threshold will keep you covered, so stay tuned folks!

Use AS16 or ASCA for P3D? Check out the full development update here.

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