Imminent: Attitude Simulations Fox Islands

By: Sam Clark
June 30, 2018

Developer Steaven Mckenzie has given us another sneak peek at Attitude Simulations upcoming scenery package; Fox Islands for X-Plane.

The package covers the North & South Fox Islands located on Lake Michigan. Both islands have small airstrips perfect for GA fliers. South Fox Island even has a private jet parking area.

Mckenzie has been hinting at the imminent release of the scenery for the past few weeks (as any reader of the Threshold Weekly News Recap will have seen), today providing another update on the project:

"Publisher is on vacation for a few more days then installer work. Release video done and Beta copy sent to testers and will be fine tuning things in the meantime, enjoy!"

Steaven has also kindly included some screenshots of the scenery to tide us over until release:

You can see the post in the Attitude Simulations Facebook group.