AU Scene Parafield Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

January 12, 2021

Located in northern Adelaide, Parafield Airport is AU Scene’s next scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with release coming earlier this week.

Despite not even being the largest airport in its city, Parafield’s dense collection of flying organisations make it the third busiest airport in Australia by aircraft movements. Many domestic and international students call Parafield home as a result.

According to AU Scene, the airport has been put together “with a high level of precision using hundreds of on-site photos to include many bespoke details for you to discover.”

They also provided the following feature list:

  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Parafield for MSFS
  • MSFS Native Product
  • High Resolution PBR textures
  • Detailed aprons
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass
  • Bespoke details
  • Custom photoreal signs
  • Genuine night experience
  • Custom taxiway lines and markings
  • Detailed Static Aircraft and AI Traffic Ready
  • Dynamic lighting

The developer has elected not to rest on their laurels, however, with the prospect of another product - Ayer's Rock Airport - on the horizon as well. Since the release of Parafield this week, new previews have emerged of YAYE, which have been attached below.

You can purchase AU Scene Parafield for $15.00 USD (down from a $16.00 USD RRP) on the group’s website.

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