Aviotek Simulation Software Shares Frankfurt Airport Previews

March 23, 2021

Following a few months of silence from the developer regarding their scenery projects, Aviotek is back with more previews of their in-development Frankfurt Airport, shared via a post on their Facebook Page.

The airport was initially announced with a cryptic teaser back in September 2020. Since then, a single teaser of the airport layout in modelling software was posted on Christmas eve.

The developer has broken their silence on the airport today, with a series of renders of objects, including the ATC tower, animal cargo centre various office buildings.

Frankfurt Airport is Aviotek’s latest scenery, joining the likes of their Dubai for X-Plane, and is the first airport being done by the developer with cross-platform development for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind.

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Aviotek has also been working on a proprietary mesh editing tool for X-Plane. The tool, named “Augmented Terrian Profile Editor”, is an in house only tool available to developers to improve their own sceneries with custom mesh. The tool makes it possible to edit terrain to a margin as small as 8cm, mimicking any terrain. 

Developers who are interested to use Aviotek’s Augmented Terrain Profile Editor are to contact them directly on their website.

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Aviotek Simulation Software can be followed on their Facebook Page.

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