Aviotek Simulation Studios Reveal Final Preview of Treviso International Airport

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Aviotek Simulation Studios has posted a final preview on Facebook showing off their soon-to-be-released Treviso International Airport for X-Plane 11. Earlier in their post stream, Aviotek mentioned that their recent silence has been due to collaboration with other scenery developers, such as Orbx, to port their P3D sceneries over to X-Plane 11. But undergoing such processes has left the developer with a large amount of knowledge and talent which they can use towards their own sceneries. Treviso International Airport is their first try at a new method of scenery development dubbed the “2-month scenery creation”. Despite this small timeframe, the scenery’s feature list shows that it will not fall short of Aviotek’s previous projects, such as their OMDB scenery.

The full list of highlights attached to the post read:

- Full exact replica of Treviso Airport (according to official blueprints)

- PBR glass and effects

- Hand-painted and color-corrected photoreal

- 3D people inside the terminal and on the apron

- 3D custom static aircrafts

- Custom ground vehicles (static and animated)

- Custom approach lighting system (located over Sile river)

- Custom 3D landmarks all over the airport' surroundings

- Hand-placed vegetation and grass

...and much more!

Stay tuned to Aviotek’s Facebook Page to know exactly when Treviso is released.

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