Airworthy Designs Updates TNCM - Saba, St Barths to Release in Q1 2019

Sam Clark
January 12, 2019

Airworthy Designs have been working hard throughout the Christmas break on their Princess of the Caribbean series for X-Plane. The first part of the series was released back in April to mixed fanfare, due to large performance issues which have now been patched.

The aforementioned Part One scenery package has received a small update bringing it up to version 1.7. To update, simply re-download the scenery from the store of purchase. The changelog is available below:



Clayton J. Lloyd Int'l (TQPF), located on Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory - currently AWD are working on new auto-gen for the island.

Part Two will contain the airports of Saba and St. Barths, both of which are notorious amongst aviation fans for their hard approaches. AWD have been sprinkling previews of the new St. Barths scenery since late December, with further screenshots released today.

The new previews were released on their Facebook page a few hours ago.

"Material tests preview"

To find out more about Airworthy Designs St. Barths, check out a previous article.