Axonos Release Gold Coast Airport For X-Plane 11

June 5, 2021

After the announcement of their 2021 roadmap at the start of the year. Axonos have released the first airport on the roadmap, Gold Coast Airport located at the southern end of Queensland. Their rendition has “been developed to reflect the most recent layout changes the airport has gone through, including an expanded apron area.” 

Gold Coast airport is a hub for Australia’s Orange and Silver airline, Jetstar. Operating 8 routes (as of writing) across Australia and New Zealand, Simmers are not in shortage of routes to fly. 

“Developed in parallel with the soon to be released Gold coast landmark package” as stated on the release page. The landmark page has been developed with Axonos’s most recent partnership, Prealsoft. 

Axonons Gold Coast Airport features:

- Highly detailed, accurate representation of YBCG with new apron and taxiway

- Fully optimized by using the latest techniques.

- 3d grass 

- Custom HDR night lighting

- PBR and HD textures implemented 

- Full PBR ground textures as well as stunning wet effects 

- Static aircraft option available (download from discord server) 

- Fully color-corrected and masked orthophoto 

 Animated marshalls using SAM technology  

- Animated airport vehicles

- World Traffic 3 and JustFlight Traffic Global ready 

Along with the feature list Axonos released an official trailer: 

Axonos Gold Coast can be purchased from their Gumroad Store for $18.88.

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