Just Flight Previews Upcoming BAe146

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

On their Facebook page, Just Flight has teased us with three new screenshots of their upcoming BAe 146 aircraft, an exciting addition to the X-Plane regional jet family.

The pictures showcase the BAe 146’s exterior in different liveries and various stages of flight. The aircraft pictured is most likely a -100 variant of the popular series. However, it is unclear whether other variants will be included in the final product. 

The BAe 146 was designed and manufactured by British Aerospace as a four-engine, short-haul regional jet. The aeroplane’s production lasted from 1983 to 2002. The model features three variants: the -100, the -200, and the -300, each carrying 94, 112, and 116 passengers respectively. The BAe 146 later became known as the Avro RJ with numerous upgrades.

Just Flight’s new aircraft will be the second rendition of the BAe 146 family. Another X-Plane development group, the Avroliner Project has previously released their version of the Avro RJ lineup.

Further details on the aircraft haven't yet been released. In the meantime, check out Just Flight’s latest project, the VC-10.

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