More previews of Bergamo published by Aerosoft

Peter Tram
Friday, January 4, 2019

Windsock and Tailstrike Designs are speeding through the conversion process and it seems that the scenery is almost ready! A few weeks ago the team has unveiled the airport, and now the the final touches and refinements are currently being done. Two sets of previews were published on the Aerosoft forums a few hours ago by Aerosoft Product-Manager Jan and select beta testers:

"Some WIP screenshots of Bergamo for XPlane 11. Development is quite advanced already with just some finishing touches left."

In addition to this, developer Marcon8122 has since added some screenshots and additional insight into Tailstrike Designs' first X-Plane project:

"More picks for you currently we are adding SAM jetways and VGDS"

You can view the new previews on the Aerosoft forum, or check out one of our previous articles on Tailstrike/Windsock Bergamo.

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