Aerosoft Unveils Berlin Brandenburg for MSFS

October 9, 2020

Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok has silently announced Berlin Brandenburg for MSFS, bringing yet another in-sim rendition of the embattled real airport, opening soon this month.

Judging from the screenshots it seems to be either a comprehensively overhauled scenery based on the original 29Palms and LimeSim product or an entirely new product, no details were given.

Not much product information was published alongside these screenshots except a short preliminary list of features to expect from the scenery. The scenery will come with the latest 2020 airport layout of runways, ramps and taxiways, with buildings and groundwork modelled using "advanced MSFS techniques".

On the airside of the terminal, jetways are functional. More on the groundwork; custom sattelite imagery covering the entire airfield and immidiate vicinity of the premises, decorated with points of interest structures and buildings around the airport. Last but not least, stunning dynamic night lighting can be expected.

Preliminary Feature List:

  • Year 2020 layout of taxiways, aprons, buildings etc.
  • Models using advanced MSFS techniques
  • Ground terrain using advanced MSFS techniques
  • Operable jetways
  • Custom aerial imagery covering the airport and immediate area
  • Landmark buildings and bridges in the vicinity of the airport
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting

Check the original announcement thread over at the Aerosoft Forums. Stay tuned for more potential news for Brandenburg Airport for MSFS.

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