Airfield Canada’s Halifax Stanfield for X-Plane Enters Beta Testing

February 19, 2021

Following two years of work Airfield Canada has shared the news that their Halifax Stanfield Airport has entered the closed beta testing stage of development.

The post, shared through the developer’s Facebook Page, also stated that the next update on the scenery was to be the announcement of the release.

Airfield Canada first emerged in the community back in January 2020, when they released their first product for X-Plane, J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport. Airfield Canada’s Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport is available to buy for $17 from the Threshold Store.

Ever since the release, the developer has mostly been focussing on the development of Halifax Stanfield, sharing many previews along the way, including providing Threshold with an exclusive first look at in sim-previews.

Previously, the developer has also touched upon the possibilities of porting Halifax to other flight simulator platforms, though no more information has been given on this subject since then.

Airfield Canada can be followed on their Facebook Page.

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