TorqueSim Turbine Islander Updated to v1.0.1

February 12, 2021

The first post-release patch for the Turbine Islander (BN-2T) since its release in late January has been made available, courtesy of the developers at TorqueSim.

A moderate number of fixes have been made to the aircraft, cousin to the BN-2B Piston Islander that the developer has had on the market since late 2020.

Four 'new features' are also implemented in v1.0.1.

Here's the changelog:

New Features/Improvements

  • Added engine failures for significant over-torquing
  • Added throttle and mixture lever detents
  • Added multi-sided prop disc logic
  • Added Alt. Static Source switch

Bug Fixes

  • Elevator trim limits adjusted
  • Fixed HSI misaligned texture with night lighting
  • FMOD improvements
  • Updated libraries to resolve mt_uploader crash at launch that few users were experiencing
  • Right altimeter baro setting fixed
  • D/G-Slew Indicator added

You can grab the TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander for $34.95 USD from X-Aviation. Previous customers of the BN-2B Islander (who purchased before Jan. 29, 2021) can upgrade to the BN-2T for $19.95 USD.

A package deal with both the piston and turbine versions of the Islander is available for $54.55 USD, also from X-Aviation.

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