AOA Simulations Show More Previews of their Boeing/Saab T-X

Alex John
Sunday, July 14, 2019

AOA Simulations is a developer known for publishing frequent development updates about their products - there has already been six Facebook posts with many images of the T-X on their Facebook page this month alone.

Today's news will focus on the most recent two, orientating around exterior and interior previews.

On the outside, the developer posted these photos, with "New pilot helmets, textured engine and fixed slats animations:"

In another Facebook post, the developer believes the T-X will probably get an armed version.

"On this screenshot, you can see a set of two AIM-9x and 2x8 SBD II bombs. The engine is the same than the legacy F/A-18. So we have plenty of data available. We also decided for the moment to use the same HUD than the Saab JAS-39 Gripen."

On the inside, the developer admits information is scarce in areas, but that's likely because the T-X is only just beginning mass production.

AOA Simulation also stated that parts from other projects are being reused.

For more development updates and screenshots, head on over to AOA Simulations' Facebook page.

Big thanks to Full-Flight for tipping us off in our Discord server. You can join here.

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