Black Square Releases Bonanza Steam Gauge Overhaul

Black Square has released the following product in its line of aircraft overhauls. Similar to their King Air release, Black Square has created a study-level remake of the Beechcraft Bonanza, an aircraft that is provided with the simulator. As with the previous release, this aircraft includes a completely reimagined interior and a full overhaul of the systems. 

This release brings some new features as well. Persistent wear has been implemented so users can pick up their aircraft exactly how they left it. As with the previous release, the aircraft comes with several avionics packages so the user can choose their level of equipment. A complete feature list can be found below: 


  • Reciprocating engine simulation with fouling, vapour lock, flooding and backfires
  • The most realistic turbocharger simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date
  • Completely interactable electrical system with four buses and 70 circuits
  • Engine leaning optimization 'Lean Find' on EDM-800 engine monitor and status alarms
  • Engine limit excursions that decrease engine health and will eventually lead to failure
  • Selective state saving for radio selection, radio frequency memory, cabin aesthetics etc.
  • 80+ system failures, set via in-cockpit interface. Either random, based on settable MTBF, or schedulable with optional time acceleration.
  • Cabin environmental control system for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and ram air cooling. Cool things off by opening a window or watch the aircraft heat up in the sun.
  • Crew/Passenger oxygen system that depletes according to pressure altitude, passenger occupancy and their weight.
  • Working carbon monoxide detector
  • Standby alternator and gyro logic, switches and working air conditioner condenser door
  • Mathematically accurate VOR & ADF signal attenuation and noise, and remote compass gyro slaving


  • Greatly enhanced instrument panel detail compared to default aircraft with every label and marking in its place. If it appears in the real aircraft, you can interact with it!
  • Custom-coded steam gauges with low-pass filtering, needle bounce and physics provide ultra-realistic and silky smooth animations like you’ve never seen before
  • Carefully modelled components match the depth and character of the real instrumentation, based on reference photos, schematics and real world measurements. Unlike other expensive Flight Sim aircraft, every piece of equipment that appears in a Black Square aircraft is modelled after a real piece of aircraft equipment and will behave the same way in its primary functionality.
  • Every knob, switch and button is interactable and implemented, along with its respective electrical circuitry. Turn systems on and off or pull circuit breakers to see the impact it has on your generators and battery via the analogue meters. Automatic standby generators and standby gyros are also simulated. Many pieces of equipment respond correctly to electrical configurations with warning messages and diagnostic codes.
  • Fully 3D cockpit lighting technology for every gauge and panel, with ambient bounce lighting for a more immersive night-time experience that won’t leave you fumbling around in unrealistically dark spots
  • 4096x4096 (4K) PBR textures on cockpit and panel for crisp instrumentation. Even see the fingerprints on instrument glass!
  • Hideable yokes, adjustable sun visors and other cockpit aesthetics

This addition will also come with realistic normal and emergency checklists and an improved sound set.  

This addition can be purchased over at the Just Flight Store for $32.99 USD. Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight sim news. 


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