Black Square Releases TBM 850 for MSFS

Black Square has recently released their rendition of the Daher TBM 850 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a high-performance single-engine turboprop plane introduced in 1990, with 1,000 built as of October 2020 across multiple variants.

Its development dates back to the 1980s when Mooney and SOCATA (the original manufacturer of the TBM) started a joint venture to develop a new, enlarged turboprop design. It was marketed as the TBM 700 and became the world’s first high-performance single-engine passenger aircraft to enter production.

The sales were booming, creating new variants and model improvements, which eventually resulted in the TBM 850’s release in 2008, offering 850 horsepower instead of 700, a modern avionics system, and a ceiling of 31,000ft. 

Black Square’s TBM 850 brings nearly 100 possible failures, persistence, realistic 3D gauges, multiple navigation systems varying from the Bendix KNS-80 to a Garmin GTN 750, along with com radios, a transponder, and a weather radar. It also includes a 100-page manual with usage instructions. It was built from the ground up, meaning it’s not part of their Steam Gauge Overhaul series and is said to be their most advanced aircraft so far.

The newly released TBM 850 is available for $41.99 on Just Flight, requiring at least 502 MB of free hard disk space.

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