Blue Sky Star Simulations Begins Series of ToLiss Airbus A319 Sound Pack Previews

Alex John
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The sound pack developer Blue Sky Star Simulations has began to roll out a series of video previews of their upcoming sound pack for the ToLiss A319.

Sounds already previewed today start with the electrical panel, the battery connections, external power, and a series of self-tests in the video below.

Additional previews will be posted to their YouTube channel "every other day."

According to this post, it will cost US $19.99 for the CFM-56 sounds, and an additional US $10 for the IAE V2500.

A major update to the sound pack for the A330 is also to be expected, along with an unreleased pack for the Rotate MD-80.

The developer posts stream notifications and small updates to their Facebook page.

Many thanks to GE90-115B and Full-Flight for supplying the news in our Discord server.

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