Blue Sky Star Simulations Begins Series of ToLiss Airbus A319 Sound Pack Previews

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The sound pack developer Blue Sky Star Simulations has began to roll out a series of video previews of their upcoming sound pack for the ToLiss A319.

Sounds already previewed today start with the electrical panel, the battery connections, external power, and a series of self-tests in the video below.

Additional previews will be posted to their YouTube channel "every other day."

According to this post, it will cost US $19.99 for the CFM-56 sounds, and an additional US $10 for the IAE V2500.

A major update to the sound pack for the A330 is also to be expected, along with an unreleased pack for the Rotate MD-80.

The developer posts stream notifications and small updates to their Facebook page.

Many thanks to GE90-115B and Full-Flight for supplying the news in our Discord server.

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