Blue Sky Star Simulations Issue Long-Term Roadmap

Sam Clark
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In a post on the BSS Facebook page, the developer lists off which items he'd like to complete first.

Firstly, an update to the JARDesign sound pack. The update will include a completely new CFM sound set - this has the possibility of being a paid upgrade.

Secondly, he mentions the other A320's he produces for; the Aerosoft, FSLabs and FlightFactor. BSS plan on "fixing up" the CFM variant packs for these aircraft before moving onto a new plane, the ToLiss A319.

Moving away from the A32X family, the next items on the list is a reworking of the JARDesign A330 and then onwards to the MD-80.

Lastly, the developer touches on the FlightFactor A320, and its impending 1.5 update. This is completely dependant on the FF team getting the latest beta update to be stable and will not be released until then.

You can follow Blue Sky Star Simulations on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Full-Flight over on the Threshold Discord server for the discovery.

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