BSS Updates Toliss A319 Soundpack to V2.0 and Releases IAE Soundpack

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Blue Sky Star Simulations, more commonly known in the community as BSS, has updated their “Baby Bus Symphony” soundpack for the Toliss A319. Alongside updating their CFM sound pack, BSS has released the IAE sound pack for the Toliss A319. The updates to the CFM pack fixes issues with the original version as well as adding new features.

It is noted that the update to V2 of the CFM pack is free, and does not have an update cost.

The update also adds support for the newly released IAE pack which is available for purchase for $13.85.

Here’s the changelog for the CFM pack V2:

  • New fuel pumps sound, better, pronounced, especially mid flight
  • Improved airflow sounds, cabin wind sound, door crack whistle sounds
  • Smart cockpit wind sound, will gain through thick masses of air and will become less noise on high altitudes with less air
  • Improved bass vibration on low N1 and during descend.
  • Improved passengers sound and more airlines option.
  • Recirculation fan sounds,
  • Improved avionics, rectifiers, transformers and equipment sounds
  • Improved taxi bumps, take off vibration
  • Improved gear mechanisms sounds with pressure sounds and improved gear door lock
  • Improved behaviour of engine fans sounds depending on angle and ground proximity with ground thounder and clean saw when clear from ground effect and different angle off attack.
  • Improved outside engine sounds for CFM
  • Other outside sounds improved
  • Added an ambience airport sound when outside the aircraft

Also included in the announcement post on Facebook, were details on an upcoming “airline pack”, the post read:
I decided to go ahead and release it with 2 airline option (Spirit and Aegean) but later I will make a separate addon with around 30-40 airlines that will suit most of today's big airlines.

The post continued:

That airline pack will work for Toliss, Flight Factor, JD and future A321, basically all airbuses A320 type.

The Baby Bus Symphony (CFM) sound pack for the Toliss A319 by BSS is available to purchase for $19.99 at the BSS website.

Thanks to Bokewalka in the Threshold Discord server for letting us know of the news.

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