Big Tire Productions Releases Carbon Cub EX

Keizo Ono
Sunday, July 21, 2019

New developer Big Tire Productions has released their first aircraft for X-Plane, the CubCrafters Carbon Cub EX. The Carbon Cub is a revamped version of the Piper Super Cub which features usage of modern materials such as carbon fiber, allowing it to operate in very short fields.

The Carbon Cub's features include:

Liveries from legendary STOL pilots:

  • Kevin Quinn
  • Bobby Breenden
  • Mark Patey

Panel options:

  • VFR with Electronics International instruments
  • Executive Glass with dual-axis autopilot

Technical features:

  • FMOD sound
  • High-res PBR textures inside and out
  • Incredible flight model
  • Simulated hydroplaning

Announced just over two weeks ago, the Carbon Cub from Big Tire Productions is a welcome addition to the ever growing collection of general aviation aircraft in X-Plane. Being a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft, it's an interesting option for those who do bush/backcountry flying.

The Big Tire Productions CubCrafters Carbon Cub is available on the store for 34.95 (USD) and can be found here.

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