Nhadrian's C152 Upgrade v4.1 brings detailed engine innards

Peter Tram
Saturday, September 8, 2018

Folks using the nhadrian upgrade for the Carenado C152 is in for a real treat, as the developer shared some new shots of the upcoming version featuring visual additions to the 3d model. The add-on upgrade isn't official, but is free and de-facto positioned as a more economical alternative to JustFlight/Thranda Designs' C152.

In a move similar to AirfoilLab's development of their KingAir, nhadrian's upcoming 4.1 version of his C152 Upgrade will let you remove the hood of the engine, to reveal some lovely detailing of the Lycoming engine sitting at the front of the cockpit. The developer has preview several screenshots showcasing the engine, in full PBR glory:

Unlike AirfoilLabs, the modelling doesn't seem to rely on Photogrammetry, however it looks almost as stunning. The developer noted that release will be coming within a few days. We can't wait to see what else is cooking up in the workshop, stay tuned for more information and details of the release.

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