Carenado's C208B Grand Caravan HD Series Updated to V1.1

Alex John
Friday, April 5, 2019

The Cessna C208B Grand Caravan HD Series has been updated to V1.1, with a plethora of adjustments and fixes:

  • Updated flight dynamics to make use of X-Plane 11.30’s latest tweaks.
  • Fixed autopilot heading functionality
  • Tuned engine idle and reverse behaviour
  • Engine no longer shuts down when loading plane while engine running
  • Fixed “Battery Hot” annunciator whenever flaps stop moving
  • Stall warning horn tweaks
  • Prop unfeathering characteristics revisited
  • Added Oxygen system
  • Adjusted flap moment
  • Added Flight Director button to 2D panel
  • Adjusted autopilot pitch sensitivity
  • Disabled wing cloud (temperature) effects
  • Adjusted exhaust position
  • Added Slowed elevator trim rate
  • Fixed reverser sound
  • Added VRConfig file

The update is free for existing users, but simmers who do not own it can purchase the aircraft for US $34.95 on Carenado's website, or at

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