Leading Edge Simulations Updates Beechcraft Sundowner to v2.1

August 18, 2020

Leading Edge Simulations has updated their Beechcraft C23 Sundowner to v2.1. The update contains numerous bug fixes, improvements, and the added compatibility with AFM Simulations’ Garmin G5 instruments. 

Here’s the full changelog for v2.1


  • AFM Garmin G5 Attitude display.
  • AFM Garmin G5 DG/HSI display.
  • This aircraft now is update with AHRS system.
  • Autopilot can now capture altitude (ALT/VS mode) set on Attitude display.
  • Bose A20 Canceling Headphones simulation. You can "plug" the headphones on the pilot's plug and feel the acoustic through the headphones. Make sure you set the audio control switches to the correct positions!
  • Chocks and tie-downs controlled via the tablet.
  • Narco's UDM-3A DME Indicator.
  • Librain support.
  • Barometric conversion placard on the panel (hpa <-> inHg).</->
  • Option (tablet icon) to switch to reduced reflaction/glare internal glass surfaces.
  • Animated visors.
  • EGT second needle to set to the desired value (specially useful if lean to peak EGT).



  • Optimized for use with Vulkan (with reduced VRAM usage).
  • Aircraft balance and landing characteristics.
  • Audio logic with conjuction to the new Bose A20 simulation.
  • Minor FMOD imrpovements.
  • Aircraft skin has a more metalic look.
  • Various cockpit animations (course indicator knob, GPS zoom button, etc).
  • Tire graphics.
  • Other minor graphics adjustments.


  • Missing attitude indicators bank index marks.
  • EGT needles not correct indication.
  • Carb heater not working.
  • Exhaust blur shoots forward.
  • No transmition on xPilot.
  • Autopilot display "transparency".
  • Full trim on approach at max GW.
  • VOR ID code not audible. 
  • Transponder REPLY button, now is push to REPLY and turn to adjust brightness.

Leading Edge Simulations’ Beechcraft C23 Sundowner v2.1 is available for purchase from X-Aviation for $29.95 USD, and can be found here. C23 v2 customers have been emailed with instructions on how to update the aircraft, although it can also be updated by re-downloading the aircraft from the store. Previous articles about Leading Edge Simulations’ can be viewed here

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