VSKYLABS Updates C-47 Skytrain Flying Lab Project

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

VSKYLABS has completed the update to their C-47 Skytrain / DC-3 Flying Lab Project for X-Plane. The update, which took two weeks to fulfil, includes numerous new features for the C-47 Skytrain aircraft, such as a new functional oxygen system, improved 3D modelling and new engine fire systems (full update feature list found below).

Project architecture:

  • Modified and optimized internal structure.

3D modeling:

  • Mapping update with additional textures for new elements and improved existing ones.
  • Default livery added: "That's All, Brother" 3X-292847.
  • Cockpit night lighting rework.
  • Internal cabin structure modified to allow future hosting of C-47 interior elements (internal walls/space division/arrangement were made, including the removal of the front seats raw).
  • Landing gears structure repaint, remapped.
  • Engine Radiators grills textures refined.
  • Engine Exhausts remodeled.
  • Cockpit panel refinements.
  • Doors modeling+animation.
  • Engines physical location re-set (visual, flight model).
  • Clock/timer gauge seconds-needle texture fixed.
  • FPS optimization (flying in clouds).
  • Internal/external PBR maps were added.
  • Oxygen masks were added - two W2Ah13d-Leather flight helmets with Type A14 oxygen masks, each one located on each pilot seat arm.
  • Supercharges control panel was added.
  • Oxygen pressure and flow indicators were added.

Flight Dynamics:

  • Complete overhaul to fall in line with the latest XP11.30+ (non experimental).
  • Engines physical location fine tuned (shifted aft couple of feet).
  • Two-speed Superchargers system was added to increase power and allow high altitude flight.
  • Engines performance tune-up, max. HP in takeoff, cruise updated.
  • Engines exhaust and smoke - reconfigured.

Systems - additional:

  • Engines fire warning system was added.
  • Engines fire extinguisher system was added (floor hatch can be opened and operated).
  • Oxygen system was added, along with authentic regulator (incorporating 'normal'/'100%' supply), and pressure and flow indicators.
  • Engines two-speed superchargers system -  lo/hi-blowers.

VR Interaction:

  • Complete checkup.
  • Manipulators rework.

Advanced damage simulation:

  • Engines spool-up sensitivity algorithm was added (the C-47 is not a fighter jet....spool up the engine gradually when it is in low-rpm to avoid severe engine fire).
  • Cockpit smoke in case of engine fire was added.
  • Engine fire, cockpit smoke and cockpit windows ventilation are interconnected.

FMOD Sounds:

  • Oxygen breathing when using the oxygen masks.
  • Fire detection system bell was added.

Existing systems - refinements - enhancements:

  • Dual portable GPS are normally folded now.
  • Fuel tank selectors are now initially OFF in 'cold and dark', and L/R accordingly in 'engine running'

The changelog was posted on the aircraft's update page, found here. For a closer inspection at some of these systems and to be notified about VSKYLABS' frequent progress updates, check out their Facebook page here.

This update is part of their ongoing project to update their existing aircraft; more details about this here.

Thanks to Discord user doudoualexou for notifying us of the aircraft's progress a couple of times in our Discord server.

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