VSKYLABS Updates their C-47 to v4.0

October 2, 2021


First released in 2017, VSKYLABS has just updated their C-47 to v4.0. The update will require almost all the files to be replaced. Users can easily update their aircraft using the STMA AutoUpdater plugin.   

The update brings brand new visual experience from head to toe with the addition of new modeling and PBR textures to switches in the cockpit. A large rework has been done to almost all panels including the Sperry autopilot. You are also able to soak up the Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp roar with a brand new FMOD sound pack that includes multiple sounds layers that enhance realism. 

All control surfaces and flaps behavior were returned to create a more realistic flight model. Users will be supplied with a new manual to instruct them on how to use the systems that were added to this rendition of the aircraft. New functional inverters were added as well as a Master switch for the ignition. Along with new animations have wired the pressure gauge to the landing gear system that has been completely rebuilt, to enhance the user's experience. 

A short note form the Developer stated that: 

“During the update, X-Plane may FREEZE”. “The process is progressive. If you are reloading the aircraft after the update and things get weird...This is NORMAL as well, and within a few minutes, it will be resolved, usually with another update-batch and a reload. The process may take a while.”

Check out the full Update Log here. To update the aircraft use the STMA AutoUpdater plugin. New users can purchase the aircraft from the VSKYLABS store. 

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