Carenado announces S550 Citation II conversion for XP11

Peter Tram
Sunday, October 7, 2018

In a Facebook post posted about half an hour ago, Carenado has unravelled their latest port to X-Plane 11; the S550 Citation II. A huge win for Business Jet pilots in X-Plane, the conversion was announced during the Cosford Flight Sim 2018 show. The Cessna Citation II are light corporate jets built by Cessna. It was announced in September 1976, has its maiden flight on January 31, 1977 and was certified in March 1978.

Little information is given out, however we can all expect a lite system simulations but good visuals which Carenado aircraft are known for.

This will definitely be interesting competition to the LES Citation 550 II, which currently is quietly in development, but promises groundbreaking system depth. We'll be also checking both projects closely, so tun in when more information comes out.

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